How To Cut Metal With A Dremel

A Dremel is a kind of rotary tool used for a number of functions such as cutting, sanding, sharpening, grout removal, polishing, among other jobs. Dremel is the company that manufactures the rotary tools. This will focus on how to use a Dremel to cut metal. Dremel tools are a must have for your tool collection as they are versatile and able to cut your metal with detail and precision.

Required Equipment

Apart from requiring a taoe, the Dremel rotary tool, Dremel attachment, wrench, and pencil, you also require the following equipment when cutting metal with a Dremel tool.

  • Safety Glasses: they protect the eyes from bits of metal and sparks that are produced during cutting as well as give you good visibility of what you are doing.
  • Hand Gloves: the cutting process produces heat as a result of excessive friction hence the need to protect your hands.
  • Ear Plugs: the Dremel tool produces a lot of noise when at work hence you need ear plugs to protect your ears.
  • Face Mask: you will need to protect your face against pieces of metal that fly around. The face mask will also protect you against breathing in bits of metal that could damage your lungs if inhaled; if possible a respirator mask is more suitable.
  • Steel - toes Shoes: steel shows withstands metal pricks that might hurt your feet. You can use other types of closed shoes if you don’t have steel shoes; do not wear open shoes such as sandals.

Caution before Cutting the Metal

  • Make sure you have the right protective gear
  • Work in an area with fresh air
  • Have a workbench and clamp
  • Make sure your cutoff wheel is suitable for your metal thickness

How To Cut Metal With A Dremel Step by Step Guide

1. Mark Cutting Area

Use the pencil to identify your cutting area to avoid damage to your sheet of metal; the markings will also help you cut within the marked area. Dremel rotary tools best suit small incisions and cuts hence the importance of marking. If you do not have a pencil, a low adhesive strip can also be used for marking.

2. Mount the Disc

Remove the small screw at the Dremel’s tip to mount the disc and place it on the spindle. Return the screw and secure the disc by tightening the screw. The bit chuck will be tightened by holding the Dremel lock button and the bit spindle in one hand.

3. Metal Cutting

cutting metal

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Place the cutting wheel perpendicular to the metal and use both hands to firmly hold the Dremel to obtain stability when cutting. Turn on the tool to low or high speed to obtain the correct power needed for cutting.

Start digging into the metal with a low pressure and don’t cut completely in the first round. Repeat the process until you reach the depth you need following your markings. Replace the disc if it breaks and then continue. If you want a more detailed cut, use a smaller disc to achieve the precision you need. Do not feel the cut area soon after cutting as it may be too sharp or hot.

4. Smoothen the Edges

Soften the edges using a grinding stone and do not apply too much force when using the grinding stone. Use the grinding stone’s flat side and place it perpendicular to the rough edge. Turn the Dremel at full speed and pass it over the rough edges. Do not apply too much force as it can damage the surface of the metal. If you need a smoother feel, you can sand the metal.


If you follow the instructions and use the Dremel as you should, the result will be a finely cut piece of metal with smooth edges.


In conclusion, cutting metal is not the same as cutting wood. Using a Dremel to cut metal produces shards that fly away when cutting metal can be harmful to you if they come into contact with your skin. Therefore, do not embark on metal cutting without donning proper protective gear. Also, if there is anyone else near the work area, they should also have the protective gear as they can also be hurt by the shards.

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