Dremel 8220 Cordless Rotary Tool Review

If you are looking for a versatile working tool, then Dremel 8220 is the perfect tool to purchase. This cordless rotary is one of the top best among all the Dremel rotaries due to its ability to perform a wide range of services. It is cordless and equipped with a rechargeable battery which allows one to work freely. The device has a powerful motor that accelerates its different functional speed options.

Why this Dremel 8220 is the best?

  • It is versatile: The Dremel 8220 rotary is suitable for performing various services such as engraving, sanding, cutting, and even polishing surfaces.
  • Allows flexible movement when working: The tool is cordless, and this ensures there is no restriction when moving around. 
  • Can be used anywhere: Unlike the majority of the rotaries which are powered by electrical power, the Dremel 8220 is powered by 12VMAX rechargeable battery. This allows one to use the device in all areas.
  • Powerful battery: The battery can last up to 33 percent extra time as compared to other Dremel rotaries such as the 8220 model.
  • Ergonomic design: It is super light in weight thanks to its ergonomic design. This enables one to carry out a wide variety of services without tiring the hands.
  • High compatibility: The 8220 model is compatible with all the Dremel accessories and attachments. Note that some of these accessories can perform multiple cutting services.

Advantages Of Dremel 8220

  • It is versatile in functionality.
  • It is light in weight.
  • Can be used with all the Dremel accessories and attachments.
  • It is durable.
  • Comes with a two-year warranty for quality assurance.
  • The battery lasts long.
  • It is super easy to use.
  • The battery only takes an hour to charge.

Disadvantages of Dremel 8220

  • It is only compatible with12VMAX battery.
  • You will need an extra battery if you have multiple workloads.

The features of Dremel 8220 Review


Dremel accessory compatibility

One of the features that make this device stand out is its compatibility. The Dremel 8220 is compatible with all the Dremel accessories, and attachments.


Slim design

The device has an ergonomic design for a comfortable hold while working. It also possesses a 360-degree grip zone which allows the user to have a firm grip when handling the device. It is light in weight; hence, you cannot quickly get tired when working on a large project.


Versatile tools

There are a lot of tool kits packed with this rotary to ensure convenience to the user. Apart from the cordless rotary, the kit consists of other useful accessories such as the one attachment, 28 assorted quality Dremel accessories, a charger, and two batteries.


Comes with a rechargeable battery

You can work with this device even in areas where there is no electric socket. A rechargeable lithium battery powers it. This feature also enables one to fully move around when working since there are no cord distractions. The battery takes about an hour to charge, and the kit comes with two batteries to exchange in case one runs out of power.


Powerful motor

The rotary is designed with a powerful motor which enables it to accommodate all the accessories to perform different tasks.


EZ Twist

The tip of the Dremel 8220 has a versatile integrated nose cap wrench which makes it easy to change the accessories and other attachments.


Different speed options

The tool has variable speed options to choose depending on the object you are working on.


Easy to use

Aside from the above reliable features, it is quite easy to operate this rotary. It has a button for switching it on and off, and it comes with a user manual for instructions too.


1. Can one use the two batteries at the same time?

2. Does the Dremel 8220 have an auto shut when overloaded?

3. How long does the battery run when drilling non-stop?


This Dremel 8220 Review is a must-have device if you are involved in DIY activities at your home. The rotary can perform multiple services unlike other rotaries, and it is easy to use as well. One thing to note though is that the device is powered by a battery which may not last long as expected. So, ensure you have the other spare battery at hand to exchange if it runs out of power.

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