Best Livewell Pump: Pick Which One Is Right For Your Boat

It’s a bright sunny day, you’re out on the water catching magnificent amounts of fish thinking about how lucky you are. But as long as you returned to the land you found out that all the fish you caught had died! How would you feel? Terrible, right? You must be wondering what could possibly have gone wrong? Well, the livewell pump you were using did not work and your luck ran out.

If you’re new to fishing, allow me to explain. Livewell is the tank on a fishing boat where you keep your live bait and catch fish. And the livewell pump actually brings in the oxygen by which they remain alive. The pump circulates water from outside the boat into the tank. That is exactly why it’s an absolute necessity to have a good livewell pump.

Now buying a good livewell pump can be a bit confusing at times. Because you get plenty of variety and a wide range of products. Which one should you choose? Which one is best suitable for you? Also, I know “cost” is a big factor here. Is it worth buying the most expensive one? All your questions will be answered here.

We, the team of have done the homework for you. You have gone through thousands of people’s feedback over the internet and shortlisted five of the best livewell pumps available in the market. So without further ado, let’s get started…

top 5 Best Livewell Pump reviews

If you are looking for a premium quality pump at a relatively cheap price, this one is ideal for you. It offers the convenience of using only one intake for both the live well and raw-water washdown pump. It does the job quite perfectly just like other over-priced livewell pumps out there.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to install

This mini monster can assume you have plenty of oxygen in your livewell so that your caught fish can live much longer. It is a compact and well-engineered design pump to ensure that it provides you with high volumes of water output from the smallest package possible.

  • Value for money
  • Easy to install
  • Durable

These lightweight pumps will give you the best livewell setup to keep your catch and bait calm and healthy without the disturbance of noise and vibration! And they work with almost any standard livewell system, you can easily clean and maintain it and you won’t break a sweat during installation.

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Silent savior. It’s vibration-free
  • Less power consuming

This Attwood T-500 Tsunami Recirq Aerator Kit contains everything needed to recirculate livewell water to keep the water cooler and rich in oxygen. This kit pumps water out of the livewell, through a hose to an aerator spray head that delivers the water back into the livewell. This self-contained system can be added to any livewell that already has a freshwater fill system, or it can be used as a backup pump as a fail-safe system.

  • Best suitable for small to medium systems
  • Innovative engineering and compact design
  • Shaft for leakage prevention

If you are out there looking for a livewell pump for long term use, then you need to install this one. It is known for its durability and it has never failed to achieve its purpose. It has been made with a strong ABS plastic that is able to handle the water pressure quite perfectly.

  • Pumps water relatively faster
  • Well distributed and build design
  • Highly durable

What to look for before buying a livewell pump

When you shop for a livewell pump, you have a lot of options available to you! How can you know which pump will work best for your boat? After all, it’s not like you can just try one on in the store! Don’t worry, you can choose the top livewell pump for your fishing setup without going crazy. Just keep the following thoughts in mind as you consider different livewell pump options.



Before purchasing the pump you have in mind, it is important you know your livewell water capacity level. Each pump has its own different capacity level in their output as their special feature and in your purchase, you need to ensure you pick a pump that will be able to replace the capacity to your satisfaction.


Bigger is not always better

Most people will consider buying a big livewell pump with the perception that the bigger the pump, the higher the capacity. However, you need to note that a pump with too much capacity is prone to airlocks which can result in damaging your bait. A pump with an average size is the best choice. However, if you must buy a pump with a high capacity, ensure it has an anti-airlock mechanism to keep your bait safe.


Flow Rate

How powerful is the pump? Select a pump that has sufficient flow output and one that will match with your needs in terms of distance it will draw fresh water and tank capacity. Remember the longer the distance it will draw water, the lower the output.

Generally, a Livewell tank needs water to be replaced every 10 minutes. That means you need to replace the water 6 times in an hour. So if the capacity of the one you have is 100 gallons, then you need a pump with a flow rate of 600 GPH.

Now depending on your capacity, you do the math.


Safety check for leaks

Whenever there is a leakage in the device, you need to turn it off as soon as possible. How do you do it?

The interior of the hull and the pump should have a valve in between for a quick shutdown in case of a leakage. Moreover, the motor needs to be ignition-protective in order to avoid burns caused by heavy power-flow.


Freshwater or saltwater

Not every livewell pump will work in both fresh and saltwater. Some will work in both but don’t have as long a lifespan with regular use in saltwater. Some don’t handle silty water or water with chemicals in it — for some, water with chemical contaminants will destroy the pump! Think about where you plan to fish when you shop for your livewell pump and make sure that your selected pump will handle the waters.


Solid Build-Quality

A Livewell pump stays submerged underwater for its entire life. So in order to survive, it needs to be crafted with heavy-duty rugged materials. Make sure your pump is manufactured with strong, rust, and corrosion-free materials.


Easy Installation

How easy is it to mount the livewell pump? Ensure the pump of your choice doesn’t require you to follow a complicated process or special tools that would require hiring expert services. Doing such would mean spending the extra cash for their service which is not cost-effective when you have to use the pump on a regular basis.



Though even the best pumps don’t break the bank, budget concerns are always worth considering. If you worry about cost-effectiveness and longevity, pumps with replaceable cartridges can be a sound investment. That said, if you have to replace the cartridges a lot, it can add up over time. Spend some time thinking about the longevity of your livewell pump, and find the best selection for your price range.


Motor cartridge replacement

A livewell pump for livewells that gives you the flexibility to replace motor cartridges is an excellent choice because you will be able to clean and maintain it effectively. If a pump is well-maintained, its lifespan will be extended and will function efficiently.


Brand Of the Pump

There are a significant number of brands available for you to work with when getting a pump but one thing you need to understand is not all brands will offer you the pump you might be looking for. In your research, get to know the pump with the features that will work best for you and from that ensure you work with a brand that will offer you what you are looking for.

Best 5 Livewell Pump Reviews

1. Attwood Tsunami Aerator Pump

The Attwood Tsunami T500 Aerator Pump is one of my #1 Livewell pumps, by virtue of its drawing in feel and pervasive value. The aerator pump goes with numerous associate features that guarantee a complete Livewell execution.

Not under any condition like other practically identical Livewell pumps, this unit supports different voltages going from 12V DC to13.6V DC. This makes it suitable with most kinds of Livewell systems. Likewise, it has a yield rating of 450 gallons for consistently at apparent voltage and 500 gallons for every hour at plan voltage.

Beside its outstanding power, I venerated the way that this aerator pump incorporates a decreased arrangement that suits my little Livewell tank. Essentially, the pump offers a dependable air course execution even in restricted spaces, for instance, Livewell tanks and little boat trap structures.

Another invigorating piece of this pump is that it is amazingly easy to tidy and keep up. The pump incorporates a motor cartridge that locks and opens favorably for secure position and straightforward cleaning or replacement.

As to, the Attwood 4640-7 Tsunami T500 Aerator Pump features top-class materials. The pump is made of incredible course and premium assessed brushes, magnets, and mixes expected to withstand unforgiving, ruinous conditions and water hurt. Besides, it goes with an authorized shaft seal that shields the Livewell from spilling as a result of tinned wiring or misalignment.

With all of these features to brag about, it isn't astonishing that this Attwood Livewell pump is particularly acclaimed by most fishing enthusiasts.

2. Johnson Pump of America 28572

For the people who lean toward uniquely designed things, you will thoroughly encounter enthusiastic affections for the Johnson Pump America Marine Cartridge. Johnson Pump is a brand that has been creating marine pumps for over 40 years. Thinking about this, you can for the most part have certainty that this unit will fulfill presumptions taking everything into account.

Obviously, this motor cartridge doesn't go with various features, yet it ensures a more preferable introduction considered over various units inside its gathering. Though packaged as a replacement cartridge, it works capably as a Livewell pump as well.

Maybe the most extraordinary features about this unit is that it has a yield of 750 gallons for consistently at an apparent voltage of 12V DC. This licenses you to clear out your tank quickly and keep your Livewell structure flowed air through all through your fishing meeting.

Is all the additionally staggering that presenting and wiring this unit is incredibly straightforward. How it is diminished and lightweight makes it easy to present on any boat structure. You ought to just to relate the crocodile catches to your 12V battery at whatever point you need to pump your Livewell system.

Whether or not you are a brandishing or master angler, you can by and large rely upon the Johnson Pump America Marine Cartridge to keep your Livewell circled air through continually.

3. Rule Replacement Cartridge

The standard is another brand renowned for collecting top quality Livewell pumps and related marine additional items. The association has been keeping watch for a serious long time conveying strong pumps for brandishing and business fishing boats. Taking everything into account, it doesn't come as a shocker that I expected to feature this unit as a champion among other trade cartridges for any Livewell aerator pump

Clearly, this Rule motor cartridge is certainly not a genuine Livewell pump anyway a replacement cartridge. Fundamentally, the unit licenses you to supersede a wore out or a hurt motor rather than exchange the entire Livewell system for another. This goes far to get rid of the need of buying another draw well pump. Additionally, changing the motor simply saves time allowing you to continue with your fishing trips consistent.

The way that this cartridge doesn't go with complex features makes it uncommonly easy to present. You just need to associate the cartridge into the pump and re-fix the lead for it to work. In any case, it is fitting that you use heat contract slices while doing the wiring to prevent the wires

from separating when beating around in the boat.

Most importantly, the cartridge reinforces up to 700 gallons for every hour at an apparent voltage of 12V. This ensures that the Livewell stays coursed air through in a perfect world while your fish and trap stay alive during the entire fishing scene.

4. Johnson Pumps 48903 1000 GPH

If you are searching for a hearty, significantly beneficial, in all cases Livewell aerator pump, by then consider acquiring this 1000GPH motor from Johnson Pumps.

This unit features two ports with a complete yield of 1250 gallons for every hour at a voltage of the 12V. While one port serves the Livewell tank, the other port interfaces with the rough water washdown pump, keeping your boat without a companion on the planet. This murders the need to present two separate pumps on your boat.

Another dazzling component is that the pump has a fixed channel seal that is good for dealing with high squeezing factors gracefully. This ensures a steady movement of water through the seacock and the upper outlet port.

Nonetheless, that isn't all… This 1000GPH pump moreover incorporates an aerator unit that can change over any cooler into a flexible Livewell tank. The way that you don't have to exhaust any openings on the chest, suggests that you can by and large re-visitation of its extraordinary explanation.

Is furthermore captivating that the pump is prepared for flowing air through up to two assorted 35-gallon live bait wells at the same time. This licenses you to keep your catch new and your snare alive regardless, during hot, brilliant days.

Most awesome aspect all, all Johnson Pumps units are plant attempted to work with a wide scope of Livewell systems. This infers that you can for the most part be sure that the pump will work with your snare well tank straight out of the holder.

5. Johnson Pumps of America 38502

The Johnson Pumps of America 38502 is one more mind boggling aerator pump standard with most anglers. This is because it offers numerous aide incorporates that are not available with some other Livewell pump.

The essential component is that this aerator pump is totally sub, suggesting that you don't have to prime it as you need to acquaint it with work lowered. Another favored situation of this is that the pump needn't bother with a huge load of energy to move water from the lake into the tank and back to the lake. Taking everything into account, basic water pressure drives water into the pump thusly saving energy. This makes this unit uncommon contrasted with other Livewell aerators pumps available watching out.

Another interesting component that I discovered is that the motor goes with a water/air proof seal that keeps the pump impermeable just as hinders captivation. Is furthermore surprising that the seal is saltwater extraordinary, suggesting that this Livewell pump can withstand unfeeling, damaging conditions especially when fishing in seawater.

This Livewell pump for a boat is furthermore start made sure about, which basically suggests that the unit can't make a fire when presented close ignitable fragments. Most awesome aspect all, the pump is outstandingly tranquil during movement. Clearly, you won't see that you have a Livewell pump presented in your boat.

With such incalculable features accessible to you, there is no inspiration driving why you should place assets into the Johnson Pumps of America 38502 Cartridge Aerator Pump.

Who needs a livewell pump?

Fishing livewells are increasingly popular for a couple of reasons. For fishermen who use live bait, having a livewell is pretty much the best way to keep that bait alive until you need it. Another huge market for livewells is bass tournament fishing. Because tournament fishing encourages catch and release fishing, being able to keep that big bass alive through the weigh-in so you can release it is important. But regardless of your reason for keeping a livewell, the heart of the entire system is the livewell pump.

This pump is a must-have tool for any person who wants to keep their livewells alive and healthy either for a fishing tournament or any other reason. It will facilitate the circulation of fresh water in the livewell tank to keep the bait or fish breathing.

How does a Livewell pump work?

The concept of an aerated livewell is pretty simple. A pump pulls water in through the hull and into the livewell. A drain allows the water to escape and be replaced. The aerator agitates the water to stimulate the oxygen in the water.

The amount of water going into the well needs to be regulated. There is a flow adjustment tap that makes, sure enough, water is coming in, but not so much that it creates a current or overflows the well. There's also an overflow drain to help with this.

The second piece of the puzzle is power. Each and every Legend Boat console comes with a handy on/off toggle switch. Oxygen levels are the single most important factor for livewells. Too much or too little and your catch will die.

How to set up the best livewell pump

Once you’ve purchased a livewell pump that’s right for your boat, you’ve got to install it! No two boats are exactly the same, so your installation may differ a bit. Make sure that you follow any specific instructions that come with your livewell pump. Here is a general outline of how installation typically works.

With your boat out of the water, use a hole saw to cut a hole in the transom, at least two inches below the waterline.

Using a marine sealant on both the nut and the threaded aerator collar, install the aerator inlet through the transom, then hand tighten the nut. If your livewell pump uses a hose system, it should install similarly here. Take care not to overtighten the nut — after hand-tightening, use a wrench to turn the nut an additional quarter to a half-inch.

FAQs of The Best Livewell Pump

Do I Really Need a Livewell Pump?

In case you use a livewell, you absolutely ought to use a livewell pump. Not because your boat needs one, however since using it ensures that your got fish will remain alive and sound during the entire of your fishing trip. It similarly keeps any snare fish you use sound and dynamic, so you will undoubtedly discover more fish using catch from a livewell!

What's the Difference Between a Livewell Pump and an Aerator?

The livewell pump takes water from outside the boat and pumps it into the livewell, while an aerator mixes air into the water. In specific events, your livewell pump will in like manner go probably as an aerator, yet that isn't for the most part the circumstance. Exactly when you buy your livewell pump, guarantee that you know whether it will similarly fill in as an aerator.

Why Not Just Buy the Most Powerful Livewell Pump?

You can do this, and it probably won't hurt your livewell. In any case, it will draw generously more power from your battery than a properly estimated livewell pump would. Additionally, running a pump proposed for greater breaking point can destroy the pump even more quickly. So to diminish power use and to assemble the future of your pump, guarantee you present the right size pump for your boat. 

Each livewell pump or packaging will have information on how enormous of a livewell it can work with, how much power it will consume and the quantity of gallons consistently (or gallons each second) it can pump.

Do I Need a Livewell Flow Sensor?

The benefit of the stream sensor or caution is that it will rapidly educate you concerning whether water stops gushing to your livewell in any way at all. This offers you the opportunity to save your catch and draw by superseding the cartridge or making distinctive fixes if fundamental. 

If you have a serene running livewell pump, a stream sensor or alert could save you from losing a huge load of catch or got fish, anyway isn't absolutely significant. If you keep up on upkeep and cleaning, you diminish the likelihood of livewell pump frustration.

It depends upon different segments, including the livewell pump you select and the size of the livewells. Whether or not you have a pump that can oblige in any event two livewells, it may be a savvy thought to use two pumps for the work. This will stretch the future of the two pumps, and gives you a fortification if one pump misfires under any conditions.

Would it be advisable for me to Do the Installation Myself or Hire a Professional?

Do you feel extraordinary using instruments and cutting an opening in the transom of your boat? Do you feel sure that you can achieve a watertight seal, wire the pump to the battery suitably and waterproof those affiliations? Accepting this is the situation, you can probably present your livewell pump positively. 

In case you have inquiries concerning your ability to adequately present your livewell pump, I recommend having a specialist do it for you. They have heaps of association, will make smart work of the work and generally the help won't cost you to an extraordinary.


The guide above lists the top five best livewell pumps you can find in the market. The guide makes it easy for you to make the right choice. You cannot go wrong by picking any of the pumps reviewed in the guide.

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